5 day Workweek Vs 6-day Workweek

5 vs. 6 day working week – This post was published in Linkedin by Alok Kejriwal. Alok Rodinhood Kejriwal, Digital Entrepreneur. Sold last Company to Walt Disney. Founder of 2win When I started up, I was kinda stuck-up and had this typical “baniya” mentality of working 6 days. It was my legacy training from factory [...]

The 3 Types of Thought Leadership That Actually Work

Follow the three phases of thought leadership content to build your company’s expertise in marketing. By Kathryn Hawkins Co-founder, Eucalypt@kathrynhawkins This is such an amazing piece that we thought of publishing it for our own readers. Blogs, ebooks, white papers, webinars–in the B2B marketing world, everyone wants to be a thought leader these days, judging from the volume of content that appears on [...]

When to introspect first before moving ahead?

When to introspect first before moving ahead?

An interesting story by Mr Hari Iyer, Sr Vice President & Global Head – Human Resources, Sasken Technologies. Picked up from Linkedin Public Feed. Great Story. Must read. Long ago, four of us decided to take a trip down the river Ganges. It was a new moon night and we were in high spirits! After negotiating [...]


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